God’s Word Loves You!

The Word of God.

It doesn’t matter how long this post is (but it’s short), it could never be long enough to explain how awesome, wonderful, and most of all-powerful the Word of God truly is. It supersedes any religion or its beliefs, any man and his display of power with God, any thought or idea we may have no matter how brilliant it is. God’s word is all-powerful, all supreme, all-knowing, undisputed, unmatched, undeniable, and best of all, completely relevant to our time. Every word of it is completely true and will never fade away or change no matter what man may say about it. Every writer was inspired by God himself to pen all the words written within its pages. Every thought joins together with all the other thoughts to make one complete perfect thought. That thought, that perfect thought, shows all of humanity, every last human being to ever walk the face of this earth, the complete power of God and his love toward us. In that love, we see his forgiveness, kindness, and just how gentle He truly is. And no matter what the masses may say, the Word of God shows us that perfect love, from start to finish. Here is that LOVE on display.

The Old Testament God of Love.

Even throughout the Old Testament, God longed to bring his children close to himself. He called out to them in their sin, forgave them time and time again, even when they committed the same sins He had just forgiven them for. His love never failed, even when you see his wrath being poured out. His wrath was an act of love, not hatred.

In the beginning, in the garden, he longed to forgive Adam and Eve. He asked repeated questions, giving them the opportunity to repent, but sadly, they wouldn’t take His act of love and mercy.

Abraham pleaded with God for the people of the sinful cities Sodom and Gomorrah, and God heard his pleas. At one point, God was about to pour out his wrath on a sinful nation, but before He did, He did this act of love for them. “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none. Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them…” (Ezekiel 22:30-31) God’s first act was always love and forgiveness.

The New Testament God of Love

In the New Testament when he had to rebuke the Scribes and Pharisees for their evil ways, His rebukes were directed toward the fact that they didn’t love people as much as they loved the Law. But even in his anger and rebuke, you see a broken and bleeding messiah hanging on a cross begging, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  His love, His perfect love, is what makes Him so wonderful!

When an angry mob pulled a woman caught in the act of adultery out of her bed and threw her at the feet of Jesus, they demanded justice, He gave her mercy instead. When all of her accusers had walked away, his question wasn’t, “woman, why have you done this terrible thing?” Nor was it, “woman, are you truly sorry for the sick and pitiful sin you’ve committed?” No, I see the opposite picture here. I see a naked woman, just drug out of a bed of adultery, caught in the very act. Jesus, seeing her shame, asks the most beautiful question a savior could ever ask someone in her state, “woman, where are your accusers?” She looks around and answers, “they’re all gone.”  What he says to her next brings tears to my eyes. “Neither do I condemn you, now go and sin no more.” It’s the perfect act of love and mercy. She wasn’t down at an altar begging forgiveness for a sin that she had committed the night before. She was at the Master’s feet, drug there in complete shame and humility, and He forgave her without her even asking Him to. That’s Love!

That’s His Word speaking to you and I! Are you listening?


3 thoughts on “God’s Word Loves You!

  1. pamela says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have a bad habit of forgetti.g tbat God loves me. I cried reading this.

  2. Mary Showalter says:

    “oh love of God, how rich and pure! How measureless and strong! It shall forevermore endure the saints and angel’s song.” So thankful that love has been my constant succor through all my years.

  3. Thank you for this message Pastor Showalter. You are right. No work done by man could be long enough to explain God’s love, power, wonder, compassion, and greatness.

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