My New Year’s Resolution/Revelation

Child holding megaphone Have you ever looked at life as you’re living it in the “right here and now” and thought, “I’m just not happy with the way things are, but, after this or that happens, I’m going to be so much happier, and everything is going to be just the way I’ve always wanted it to be?”  I’m sure if you were being honest with yourself you would be saying “yes” to this question. Funny thing is, once we get to the new place or get that new thing, the happiness only lasts so long and we find ourselves back in the unhappy state we were before. There we are looking and waiting for the next thing that is going to help us take that step and finally become the person we’ve always wanted to be.

I mean really, if we wanted more proof of this being true, just take a look at “New Year’s Resolutions”.  How many people use the starting of a new year as the solve-all benchmark of changing everything about themselves that they are unhappy with? Did you know that health clubs always have the greatest influx of new customers at the beginning of the year? But by the middle of the year more than eighty percent of the new members have ether dropped their membership, or just stopped coming all together.

Have you been successful with change?

     I’ve recently understood what it means to grasp, and hold onto change. Before God reviled the answer to me I often found myself frustrated and unsure of how to remain changed. I truly thought I had the answer and believed it was perfectly clear. My solution went something like this… First, I’ve got to be real sick of who I am or how I’ve let myself become. Then, I need to decide who or what I want to be, set some goals, and determine how I’m going to reach those goals. Once I’ve got all that down, it’s time for the major steps! Big step number one, go to God! Start out by telling Him what a failure I’ve been and how all that is going to change from here on out. Of course I need to make some big promises that I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to keep, because remember, I’m really sick of who I’ve become! Once that’s taken care of, it’s big step number two. Sit down with my family and drop the bomb of changes we are going to make, because let’s face it, we as a family have not been pleasing to God, so it’s time that we all “put the nose to the grind stone” and get the job done! That one always put a big damper on the family. I mean come on, I’ve been letting everyone get away with all this junk over the last year and now due to a “New Year’s Resolution” I’ve somehow magically become a super Christian that wants to please God all the time?! My family should understand and want get on board with the excitement and decide that they are as sick of their lives too, and want to please God as much as I do! Right? Sure… I could remain successful for a time, but in the end it almost always turned out the same, I would go back to my old way of living and let my family fall back into its old patterns. I hated the cycle! I had come to the conclusion that I just wasn’t a good Christian because I couldn’t keep up the promises I had made to God.

How to hold on to change

     The answer is simple. God wants us to let go of the things that are in our hands so we can take a hold of the things He is trying to offer us. It’s the understanding of “letting go” that has us troubled. I can promise you this, it’s easy to let go when we have a revelation of God’s love toward us. The first step of change is to grasp the simple concept that we can never earn more of God’s love. No matter how much we change our lives. He will always love us with a passionate love, one that desires us to be close to Him and Him to us. Nor can we lose out on God’s love because of how we have been living. It’s a revelation of His perfect love toward us that will begin to heal what’s been broken all along. 

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.”                    –1John 4:18

Revelation makes all the difference.  Revelation is simply having an understanding that we didn’t have before. An understanding that drives us to change! There is no condemnation in revelation! The apostle John had this to say about condemnation, “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believes on him is not condemned:” (John 3:17-18). When you understand that He’s not beating you up because of the changes you need to make, it’s much easier to get started on making those changes.

How to make changes

     Revelation should always be the driving force behind every change. I remember when I used to beat myself up over not reading the Bible enough. I finally told God that I just really wanted to know Him more and I desired to understand Him in a way I never had before. He began to direct my attention toward the Bible, and for the first time, it truly spoke to me. As it spoke to me I received a revelation of His deep love toward me. It shook my world and changed me forever! It started with a hunger and ended with a revelation. This revelation of His love has not only changed me, but it has changed those who I have shared it with. And because of my willingness to share God’s revelation of love with others, He has given me revelations of others struggles and how to help them through them. It has resulted in being used in the gifts of the spirit and in other ways I could never have imagined.

The revelation will change those around you

     I used to beg God to use me in a powerful way but would always feel unworthy to be used. Until finally I got the revelation of His desire to use me, and to share His love for others. My family also began to respond to me and to my authority differently because I no longer felt like I had to hold it over their heads in order bring about the changes that needed to be accomplished. They could feel my excitement, love, and passion toward God. Not the weight of my authority. Revelation will always change the one who receives it, and in the end, the ones in their lives.

It’s revelation, not a new year’s resolution that will change your world and your family forever!

2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution/Revelation

  1. I loved you message from God! it is so true of us humans to always being saying or thinking now when this happen or that happens I’ll be ready ,I’ll be happy. We need to stop and listen to our great God! Often I lose the ability to do that. Thank you

  2. I loved it!!!!!! It is so true!!!!!

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