This is me

I created this blog to share the insights I feel God has given me to help cope with life and all its unexpected turns. I am no expert at living, only, I’ve done my share of hurting, being angry or confused with God, or just plain felt worn out by the blows of life. I can tell you this, the more I learn of God, the more I realize I know very little. But this I know for sure. He has been through every storm of my life, He has held my hand until it was over, and He has never left me alone, even when I falsely accused Him. He truly has been a friend that has stuck closer than a brother.

Thank you Jesus for all the lessons learned, and the opportunity to share what you have shown me in order to help the hurting soul.

7 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Rich stelzer says:

    Good job on your blog ,havent looked it all over yet but sent the song to a friend.when you pray .pray your burden .when you preach ,do the same.we all wonder why,how and when,why:all things work together for good for us according to gods,it teaches us.when;-when we need it, experience for the situations,and sometimes it prevents trajedy.I cant count the number of times a breakdown on the rd.or a trafic jam ,or aload loding late ,had put me late for an accident,a robbery,or just right on time to meet a sonl who really needs me.lovya bro. Godblessyou.

  2. waldina says:

    I enjoyed reading quite a few of your articles. They’re quite thought provoking. Best, w

  3. BobO says:


    This is how I feel sometimes
    I think you will understand

    Loneliness lays heavy on my bosom. The light of my destiny gleams in the far distance like a twinkling distant star.
    The tentacles of the shadows of my past failures loam like an angry giant haunting every step I take, as I try to move to the flickering light.

  4. Mary Showalter says:

    I couldn’t be more proud of you, Son. I KNOW God is using your life to make a solid difference in the lives of others. I’m so sorry you’ve gone through such hurt, but I believe it is and will be used for God’s glory. God has you and our precious grandkids right in the palm of His hand!

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