4 thoughts on “Social Networks

  1. richstelzer says:

    Just thinking ,Iwould hate to be so busy with living ,that I would miss the rapture.we have been given a job to do .go ye forth;.and the power to do it.acts 1:8,and acts 2:4.lets not neglect our great slvation;for how shall we escape Gods judgement if we do? Even angels lost their place.!

  2. rich stelzer says:

    IN THE Wee hrs of the morning;thinking about a lot of things. So many people,so many problems.the Bible says sitting up late worrying about thinge is vanity,he gives is beloved sleep,rest from the rigors of the day.we cant change one thing by worry. So lets focus ! What can we do?a positive prayer in faith believing should do the trick.God is looking into our heart.why cant we believe?when i was a boy ,i could go to my grandmother about anything,she would comfor me and tell me what to do,i woulr accept what she said,and go away happy.why because i knew her, trusted her .was with her every day.If we knew Jesus like that,how easy life would become!you know something.WE CAN!!!.

  3. Rich stelzer says:

    Lets pray today!LETS MOVE MOUNTAINS!

    • Rich stelzer says:

      Mountains of troubles,fears,sickness,anxieties,social disorders in our country and the world .spiritual wickedness,evil men in high paces.you name it god can do it!!he is not limited.

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